Are you fascinated by the world of hip‑hop dance?

Check out the work of the choreographer Anne Nguyen, founder of the par Terre Dance Company, and discover how different dance styles can resonate on stage.

Did you recognize any of the dancers in SKILLZ?

Most of them are performing in productions by the par Terre Dance Company:

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Discover 4 key hip‑hop dance styles in a series of inspirational videos!


Watch more dance videos on the YouTube channels of:




Dance evolves with music and with time. One can never know which comes first: the music, or the dance? The SKILLZ beatmakers invite you to immerse yourself in their musical world.

Now it's your turn to dance!

Diame Heatmaker | @diameheatmaker

AAron EVO | @aaron_evotrip

Mahicka | @faboo_chasseur

Greg Kozo | @gregkozo

Sébastien Lété | @sebastienletemusic

Also listen to this playlist by
Fabbreezy | @fabbreezy_official


The choreographer Anne Nguyen has written a collection of poems about hip‑hop dance entitled the Manual of the City Warrior.

"My dance transgresses movement. My feet are sucked up by the concrete. The cement blocks around me try to mould me in their image. I’m submerged by the crowd, it engulfs and steers me along the streets.
Drifting with the linear tide, I take control of my center of gravity. I dive to the tarmac, beneath the surface where other people move around. My freedom awaits me in the space built for legs and feet. I fold myself up and climb inside, to finally shake off the laws that govern the surface.
Close to the asphalt, where I live, my body’s my own at last. My energy is channeled into a tighter spot, and the power of my moves is magnified. My body becomes a compact ball, which I bounce against the concrete. Now, with no bottom or top, no hands or feet, I cannot fall any more. Falling becomes a controllable mode of locomotion.
I tap my energy from under the surface; I can re-emerge in the current without being swept away."

Find all of Anne Nguyen's poems on the par Terre Dance Company website!


Fabrice Labrana alias "Fabbreezy", founder of the All School Method, a methodology for teaching hip‑hop dance, offers you a Hip-Hop Freestyle dance tutorial.

Warm up and join in the dance!

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SKILLZ was created by the choreographer Anne Nguyen, founder of the par Terre Dance Company:

Concept and creative direction, texts, artistic conception of video installation:
Anne Nguyen | @annenguyen.cieparterre

Videos, co-artistic conception of video installation:
Claudio Cavallari |

Development of beta version, co-artistic conception of video installation:
Alexis de Bretagne

Web development:
Louis‑Alban Kim and Pierre‑François Salmand

Video selection:
Anne Nguyen, Fabrice Labrana

Anaïs Nguyen Khac

Original musics by:
Sébastien Lété | @sebastienletemusic;
Mahicka | @faboo_chasseur;
AAron EVO | @aaron_evotrip;
Diame Heatmaker | @diameheatmaker;
Greg Kozo | @gregkozo

Check out all the SKILLZ dancers on the page ALL DANCES.

SKILLZ was launched in October 2021 in which offered the audience free use of touch-screen tablets to play live in the theater entrance hall.
Join in the game and find yourself transported into the magical world of hip‑hop and urban dances!

SKILLZ is a production of the par Terre / Anne Nguyen Dance Company, co-produced by Auditorium Seynod | @auditoriumseynod
The par Terre Dance Company is funded by l’aide pluriannuelle du Ministère de la Culture / DRAC Ile‑de‑France, la Région Ile‑de‑France for “Permanence Artistique et Culturelle”, and l’Aide au fonctionnement du Département du Val‑de‑Marne.


Anne Nguyen and the dancers of the par Terre Dance Company invite you to celebrate hip‑hop dance with a 360° VR immersion and party hard together with 16 delirious hip‑hop dancers!
Follow the dancers by turning your screen around, or put on your virtual reality headset to dance with them up on stage!


The video game SKILLZ is an extension of the Dance of the city warriors, an immersive, participatory circuit of interactive installations centered on hip‑hop dance created in 2016 by the choreographer Anne Nguyen.

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